Deliver softwareway faster

Use code to declaratively ship features to production without stress


Declarative feature flags

Don't waste time with complicated web apps to configure your feature flags. Just use our declarative SDKs and REST APIs to define your projects, environments, feature flags, and targeting with code.

What are feature flags?

Deploy faster

Everything you need to ship your product faster, and iterate rapidly

Our service makes it easy for you to ship features to specific subsets of your users, turn them on/off, or gradually roll them out.

Ship confidently

Typed, declarative SDKs and APIs ensure that your configuration is always in sync with your code. Track your configurations in version control, and easily rollback changes if needed.

Deployed at the Edge

Our APIs are deployed "on the edge", so 95% of the worlds internet-connected population are less than 50ms from the server that will resolve their request.

Incredible Support

Not sure how to integrate our service in your website or app? Not sure how to write a feature flag target matching your requirements? Want a good chocolate chip cookie recipe? Contact our support email and we'll be happy to help!


We provide excellent documentation, officially supported libraries, and our OpenAPI spec is available on GitHub, so you can easily generate client SDKs in your favourite language.

Cloud Managed Service

Let us worry about hosting, scaling, and managing servers, so you can focus on your product.

Database Backups

Your data is saved in several geographically distant data centers. We regularly test ensure that we can restore from our backups. We do everything we can think of to ensure your data stays safe.


The right price for you, whomever you are

Don't worry about "seat" based pricing. We offer a generous free tier, and charge a simple, flat monthly subscription, based on your annual gross revenue.


$0 per month

Get started for free.

  • Edge compute network resolves feature flag requests in milliseconds

  • Access to our management APIs

  • Flag scheduling and expiry

  • Access to our documentation

  • Access to our SDKs

  • Limited to 10 feature flags


$20 per month

Until $1M USD gross revenue.

  • Everything in the Free plan

  • Unlimited feature flags

  • Ability to have multiple users manage flags


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The features you need to power your business.

  • Everything in the Team plan

  • Audit logs

  • Robust visualizations of flag metrics

  • Single Sign On (SSO) Support